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About Presentation Systems, Inc.



PSI has been serving area schools with the latest educational tools since 1989. In the ensuing 30 years we have been blessed to have met and provided products and services to thousands of schools.  Our daily goal has always been to delight someone today.


Our success is found in our reputation.  As a local company with a neighborhood attitude, we treat our customers in a way that we want to be treated.  Good products that perform as advertised and good service that exceeds expectation are at the core of PSI. Since 1989 we have always delivered each of our printers, set them up, and trained our customers with our own highly qualified team of professionals. Good products and great people who care best describes PSI. 


My name is Jack Egan, I am the owner and President of PSI. I was born in Brooklyn and live in New Jersey.  My company is made up of people who I consider family.  These hard working women and men know the value of a dollar and they want each of our customers to enjoy the value that their schools get when they invest with PSI. The realization that our success is found in our reputation means we will continue to over deliver and under promise. Thank you for your interest in the people and the principles of PSI. 

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