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6. Preparing your Computer

Only follow these steps if you DID NOT purchase a laptop from us.

printer wire (1).png

Downloading the Printer Driver on the Designated Laptop:  

1. Make sure the printer is plugged into the laptop with the USB wire.

2. Download the printer driver here


3. At the link, choose your Operating System and then click the down arrow on Software and Drivers. 


4. Click Load More

5. Click the Download button next to the option that says 

“imagePROGRAF TA-20 / TA-30 / TM-200 / TM- 205 / TM-300 / TM-305 series Printer Driver”

6. Go to your Downloads folder and double click the printer driver file to open it.

*You may need an Administrator Password to move forward from here!

7. When downloading the Printer Driver, you will choose the TM205 option and USB connection.

Installing the Poster Artist Design Software:  

*The Poster Artist Software is not compatible with MACs. You can access the online version at 

This will be covered in the training as well.

1. Use the disks to download Poster Artist (Poster Designing Software) on the computer that you will be using with the printer. (Poster Artist Lite comes in the printer box, don't download that version unless you would like to install it on a second computer).

2. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. You will need to use the license number that is inside the Poster Artist Disk Case on the small white label. If you do not have a disk drive on your computer, let us know and we can send you the download file.

Installing the Poster Artist Templates:  

The Poster Artist Templates will be shared as a Google Drive File. You can download

these after you download Poster Artist and have everything else set up. 

* Make sure Zoom is installed on the device that you will be using for the online training.

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