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3. Preparing the Printer

Use these steps to set up your eColor+ Poster Printer System.

printer parts.png

On the Printer:

1. There are indentations under the printer on each side so it can be lifted by 2 people and placed onto the stand. 

2. After placing the printer on the stand, remove all tape. (Including the tape holding in the paper roller from the back of the printer). 

3. Plug in the power cord and turn on your eColor Poster printer as soon as possible.

4. Choose English and Time Zone. 


1. Unwrap the ink cartridges and put them into the designated slots (place the cartridge in the slot and  when you close the blue lever it will push the ink into place).

2. Hit okay when it tells you that the inks are being loaded.

print head image.jpg
print head image 2.jpg


1. Open cover, you will see the print head carriage on the left hand side of the printer. This part is very delicate. Carefully open one lever towards you and the other one away from you. 


2. Carefully Place the print head in the carriage. Hold it by the sides and remove the orange covers. Do not touch the sides that were covered by the orange covers. Place it in with the words facing you and gently place it all the way into the carriage. 


3. Close the lever that is away from you first and then the one that opened towards you.


1. Install the paper. Place the roll of paper on the metal bar so that when it is loaded it goes over the roll  and into the printer and is flush with the right side end cap. Make sure the end cap is securely fastened on to the left end of the roll and lock the blue tab.


2. Place the roller into the printer and cut off a piece of the paper so that there is no tape or adhesive left on it. Do not put the paper with adhesive on it through the printer. This will cause damage to the printer.


3. It will ask the type of paper so choose Canon Matte Coated Paper 170gsm under the Coated Category on the list. 


4. Make sure you select ROLL PAPER when it asks. 


5. Now it will run a bunch of tests with the ink and print head (It will do a test print of all the colors) This  will take about 10 minutes 

*The Maintenance Cartridge is already in the printer.

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