Oxford Street School

New Road School of Somerset

Waldwick High School

Check out how these customers 

are putting their eColor to use!

Tiverton School District

Tiverton, RI

Graduation Yard Signs

created with the 

Yard Sign Kits.

Keyport High School

Keyport, NJ

Graduation Yard Signs

created with the 

Yard Sign Kits.

Lincoln Charter School in York, PA

Sensory Path made with "Charlie" Adhesive.

Staples High School, Westport, CT

Stair backing created with "Charlie"

Adhesive and PosterArtist

"Charlie" templates

Cherry Hill Public Library, 

Cherry Hill, NJ

Banner Vinyl and "Charlie" Adhesive

used as directional signage

Gateway Regional HS

Woodbury Heights, NJ

Letters made with

"Charlie" Adhesive.

Customer Quotes

"The eColor printer is great! I have been using it almost everyday for the staff in our school. The ability to scan a document is great! The software is simple, very straight forward and the available templates are nice. It prints in no time and the quality is super." 


Linda Kovacs

Media Specialist - Holland Brook Elementary School

"We are LOVING our new poster printer!!!   We've already got numerous posters around the library and we've only just scratched the surface of what we can use the printer for. I'm so glad to have met up with you guys at the NJLA conference!


 Dale Spindel

Library Director - Springfield Free Public Library

"We've really embraced using the eColor printer to build our culture....Give it to the kids and you'll see what they can create."

Kevin Carroll

Principal - Waldwick High School

"The students enjoy working with the eColor because it is so creative."

Suzanne Egan-Raleigh

Teacher - New Road School of Somerset

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