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Introducing the new

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Poster Printer

Your favorite poster printer just got better!
The eColor+ System provides you with everything that you need to create
high-quality, indoor/ outdoor posters, banners, backdrops, wall decals & more!

What makes the eColor unique?

What can the eColor be used for?

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Special Education

The eColor+ opens the door to a new option in your life-skills program. When paired with our Student Entrepreneur Program (STEP), your students will have all the tools needed to build a business centered around the eColor+ Poster Printer. Whether you add it to an existing school store as a means of producing your own posters and decals; or create a service for fulfilling school & district orders for banners, certificates, awards plaques, and more; your students will gain real-world job experience in the process. And it can all be done in-house without needing to send students out of the district.

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Libraries / Media Centers

Whether in a public library or school media center, the eColor+ provides a valuable resource for patrons, teachers, and students alike. Being able to print presentations, posters, banners, and a wide variety of special projects, without having to pay the prices charged by outside print vendors, means that the library becomes an integral part of the community as well as a go-to space for creative makers.

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The eColor+ allows you to seamlessly integrate technology into your classroom with opportunities for collaboration and project-based learning. Not only can students work together to design and print posters for presenting their research findings, but teachers can produce rubrics, anchor charts, and fillable templates to be used in critical thinking exercises. The printed output from the eColor+ aids visual learners in grasping key concepts and putting together logical sequences when problem-solving.

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Not only can the eColor+ be used to print large-format blueprints and schematics produced in autoCAD, or posters to advertise non-traditional occupations, but it can also provide a unique opportunity for supporting entrepreneurial education. When paired with the Student Entrepreneur Program (STEP) which provides the necessary tools to build a student-run business centered around the eColor+ Poster Printer, students receive a hands-on, tech-integrated learning experience. The eColor+ and STEP also have direct alignment to Perkins funding objectives.

Customer Projects
Check out what customers are creating with the eColor+

Customer Submissions

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Print your own and save with the eColor+ Poster Printer

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STEP provides your school with the necessary
tools to build a student run business centered
around the eColor Poster Printer.

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