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In the News: NJ Herald Story 3/19/19

Sussex County Library

"We've invested in this amazing printer that can create full-color, weatherproof, vinyl banners up to five feet long. In addition to brightening up our buildings, we are offering the service to the local community at cost...We are always on the lookout for new ways to support the local community, including small businesses...Now, small business owners can write their plan, craft their message, and create beautiful, graphic posters and banners right here at the library."

- Louisa Bann, Adult Services Librarian

Photo by Jake West/NJ Herald:  Louisa Bann, adult services librarian, and Sussex County Library Director Will Porter demonstrate the recently acquired banner printing machine that is part of a new project center at the Main Library in Frankford that can be utilized by the public to make posters and banners. The cost of making the items is the cost that the library pays for the supplies, ranging from $2 to $22.50. The project center is already popular with teachers.

Springfield Free Public Library

"We are LOVING our new poster printer!!!   We've already got numerous posters around the library and we've only just scratched the surface of what we can use the printer for. Printing posters for the Friends of the Library and the League of Women's Voters have also generated a lot of good will for us.  We are printing a poster for our annual staff and volunteer appreciation dinner, complete with everyone's names.  I'm so glad to have met up with you guys at the NJLA conference!"

-Dale Spindel, Library Director

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